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progressive metal

They may be the biggest progressive metal band in Europe, but for sure a fact is that Evergrey is coming to Brainstorm Festival 2024. This means we have confirmed a great headliner, who also brings a new album along. More than enough reason for all Evergrey-fans to travel to Apeldoorn!

Evergrey started in the mid-90s and the band quickly made a name. The band continue building their fanbase, and in 2006 the album ‘Monday Morning Apocalypse’ entered the Swedish charts. From that moment on, Evergrey was unstoppable. Yet the band continued to develop, and the last four albums in particular clearly demonstrate what Evergrey stands for: a wall of heavy guitars, lots of melody, dark lyrics and the emotional vocals of Tom S. Englund.

Evergrey is also a great live-band. In fact, the band has extremely much live-experience and knows how to live up to all expectations time and time again. As said, Evergrey is coming to Brainstorm Festival with a new album. In advance, this promises to be a memorable show. More than enough reason to attend this edition! See you in November!



progressive power-metal

They are coming back to Brainstorm Festival! The American progressive power-metal band Theocracy has performed twice before in Apeldoorn, but the last time dates back to a long, long time ago. So it’s about time to do this all over again! And that’s a good thing, because Theocracy has delivered a great new album called ‘Mosaic’ late 2023.

After years of working under the wings of Ulterium Records, Theocracy can now be found in the stable of the larger Atomic Fire Records. The band proves with ‘Mosaic’ that this collaboration is a major step forward. An album that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica and Symphony-X.

Since their last visit to Brainstorm Festival, the band has also undergone a transformation. The talented guitarist Taylor Washington has been recruited and drummer Ernie Topran is now a permanent member of the band. The result is a line-up that more than ever is able to deliver a high quality performance. So you can count on Theocracy to put on an unforgettable live show!




Anyone who takes a quick look at the bandphoto of Alterium can almost be mistaken in the haste. Because isn’t this the Kalidia line-up? The answer is very simple: no. Singer Nicoletta Rosellini was indeed the frontwoman of the disbanded band Kalidia. Together with some former bandmembers of Kalidia and few newcomers, she started Alterium. Expectations are high.

For the debut ‘Of War And Flames’ the band managed to get a deal with AFM Records, as a result of which Alterium suddenly became labelmates with Firewind, Orden Ogan and Leaves’ Eyes, to name just a few names. So high expectations! And Alterium fully delivers on their debut. Their catchy power metal will undoubtedly open many doors. In any case, it opened the door for us.

Alterium presents itself to the Dutch public at Brainstorm Festival. The Italians promise to make it a party with ‘thunderous guitar riffs, soaring vocals and adrenaline-pumping beats’. So there is no point in sitting still. Give Alterium a warm welcome!



heavy metal/epic doom

Visually, Ecclesia’s show will perhaps be the most special concert at the upcoming Brainstorm Festival. The French dress in bright red monk’s robes, wear gold masks, and hold an instrument in one hand and a catholic cross in the other. We know this religious symbolism from bands like Ghost and Batushka, of course, but Ecclesia gives it its own interpretation.

The band takes the listener back to the 12th century, the time when women accused of witchcraft could count on a gruesome death. Ecclesia places herself at the service of the church and with ‘purifying fire, blessed swords and holy rage’ she opens the hunt for everything that stands in the way of the kingdom of God. Or as the band says: “Now confess your sins!”

The band dresses this up musically with traditional heavy metal and epic doom, using bands such as Candlemass, Solstice and Black Sabbath as examples. Naturally supplemented with Gregorian chants and prayers. With a strong song like ‘If She Floats’ as result. Either way, this is going to be a must-see show!



dark folk

Another surprising act: Ephemeral from Germany. This dark folk project was founded in 2019 by Ella Zlotos, Nik Jira and Patrick Maiwald. It resulted in an EP one year later, followed by the debut album ‘Into Being’ in 2023. The trio showcases an unique atmosphere consisting of folk, prog, post-rock and improvisations.

The Germans drew on centuries-old English literature for the lyrics, which fits well with the atmospheric music that Ephemeral produces. Recently the band has regularly been seen in old church buildings, and they will be performing on our theaterstage to keep the atmosphere. Ephemeral will perform two shows at the Brainstorm Festival: one on Friday and one on Saturday.

This is the Dutch debut for Ephemeral, but Ella Zlotos has previously been seen in the Netherlands. Moreover, in Apeldoorn. Even in Podium Gigant. Last January she played here with Saor during March Into Valhalla. Anyone who saw her performing knows that Ephemeral will be very special!