Friday 5th of November:

18.00 Doors open

18.15 mainstage: Scarlet Stories (NL)
18.55 theater: Interview with Majestica (SE)
19.25 mainstage: Morgarten (CH)
20.40 mainstage: Majestica (SE)
21.45 theater: Morgarten (CH)
22.15 mainstage: Eric Clayton and the Nine (USA/NL)


Saturday 6th of November:

13.30 Doors open

14.00 mainstage: TerraDown (NL)
14.55 mainstage: Temperance (ITA)
15.55 theater: Interview with Narnia (SE)
16.25 mainstage: Hamferd (FO)
17.30 theater: Interview with Temperance (ITA)
18.20 mainstage: Leaves' Eyes (DE/FIN)
19.30 theater: Temperance (ITA)
20.10 mainstage: Narnia (SE)
21.20 theater: Eric Clayton and the Nine (USA/NL), Saviour Machine-classics
22.15 mainstage: Orden Ogan (DE)