Arjen Staal shows 'his' artists.

Kristian 'Necrolord' Wåhlin, Eliran Kantor and Felipe Machado Franco came before him. This year the exhibition at the Brainstorm Festival will be hosted by our very own Arjen Staal. On Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of November his work can be admired at the festival in Podium Gigant in Apeldoorn.

"That corona didn't do us any good is well known, but still there are positive side effects", says Arjen. "After twenty years of not drawing, I started this hobby again. Purely and simply to fill the abundance of free time."

Although he himself prefers to be modest about his talent, drawing worked out really well. "I started with some landscapes and ended up with eight portraits of artists who also happened to all be featured on Brainstorm."

Interested in seeing the results? Then come take a look at his exhibition at the Brainstorm Festival.

Like in previous years, the exhibition will be held in the foyer of the festival.

Previous years we have also had expositions from:

2019 - Kristian 'Necrolord' Wåhlin (artworker oa Ensiferum, Dissection, Extol, In Mourning)
2018 - Ronald Simons (filmprogrammer Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam)
2017 - Felipe Machado Franco (artworker ao Theocracy, Xandria, Sleeping Romance)
2016 - Ton Dekkers (photographer concerts)
2015 - Thijs Jansen (painter and artworker)
2014 - Peter van Rijsbergen (photographer concerts)
2013 - Jeffrey Heijnen (Spyker, author of the book 'Hardcore')
2012 - Niels de Zwarte (live-photo's of previous editions of Brainstorm Festival)
2011 - Premnath Gonesh (own work of the member of Slechtvalk)
2010 - Felipe Machado Franco (artworker ao Rhapsody Of Fire, Blind Guardian, Pagan's Mind)
2009 - Kristian 'Necrolord' Wåhlin (artworker ao Ensiferum, Dissection, Bathory, Extol)
2008 - Eliran Kantor (artworker ao Testament, Thy Majestie, The Old Dead Tree)