progressive/folk power-metal

The headliner of the Brainstorm Festival 2021 is the German power-metal band Orden Ogan. The term power-metal alone would not do them justice, as their music is drenched in progressive and folk-metal and in their new songs electronica provides a special effect. Because of this, Orden Ogan succeeds in attracting a broad audience.

The band's roots go all the way back to 1996, which means that this year the band is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Yet it took until 2008 for the band's debut album to be released. In the years that followed, things went fast. Orden Ogan found a home with AFM Records and managed to break through internationally with the albums 'Ravenhead' and 'Gunmen'. In the Netherlands the band scored high marks on the iTunes charts.

Orden Ogan is also a standout live act. This is only logical, as the band has toured Europe several times in recent years. First as support for bands like Tiamat, Powerwolf and Hammerfall, later as main act with bands like Rhapsody of Fire and Unleash The Archers in their wake. This resulted in numerous sold-out shows, and also at the Brainstorm Festival it promises to be packed.

This year will also see the release of the new album 'Final Days', which was originally scheduled for 2020. Due to the corona measures, the album was postponed until 2021 and the accompanying tour until 2022. So we have a premiere up our sleeves. Fans of Orden Ogan should not miss this!


melodic hardrock

Narnia has become a fixture within the melodic hard rock genre. The religious rock band around singer Christian Liljegren and guitarist Carl Johan Grimmark is even celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Narnia will do so with a special show during the Brainstorm Festival, which will also be the only show of the Swedes in the Netherlands this year. Of course we are happy to celebrate this party with these sympathetic Swedes.

How have the last 25 years gone for Narnia? Shortly after the founding the band was picked up by the big Nuclear Blast, where the first albums were released. The band toured in support of Ronnie James Dio and played at prestigious festivals all over Europe. Later the band expanded their popularity to South and Central America, where they also toured as support for Stryper.

Anyone who thinks that Narnia has lost energy after all these years is wrong. The latest albums sound surprisingly fresh and modern, vocalist Christian Liljegren continues to have a great voice and guitarist Carl Johan Grimmark still plays the stars of the sky. Also live the band stands its ground. Narnia always goes full speed, knows how to win the sympathy of the audience over and over again and makes sure everyone goes home with an almost divine experience!


symphonic folk-metal

With the arrival of Leaves' Eyes we add another great female fronted metal band to our already impressive resume. In previous years, bands like Sirenia, Xandria, Cellar Darling, Sleeping Romance, Stream Of Passion and Ancient Bards were already on our stage. The band doesn't come empty-handed, they tour Europe to promote their new album 'The Last Viking'.

Of course many know Leaves' Eyes as the band of singer Liv Kristine, who - together with members of the band Atrocity - was at the cradle of the band in 2004. That combination turned out to be worth gold and Leaves' Eyes built a great reputation. When Liv Kristine left the band the future seemed uncertain, but suddenly there was Finnish singer Elina Siirala (who played at the Brainstorm Festival with her other band Angel Nation). A new chapter presented itself to Leaves' Eyes.

So 'The Last Viking' is the name of that new chapter, an album with which Leaves' Eyes manages to convince friend and foe and storms the charts. The band is on the rise and it's not surprising that the Brainstorm Festival is happy to be part of this success story. Lovers of folk metal, viking metal and gothic metal: this will be a show you don't want to miss!



With Eric Clayton and the Nine, we have something special coming up at Brainstorm Festival. We all know singer Eric Clayton from the American cult band Saviour Machine. With his golden voice he also sang with Ayreon. At our festival he will present his new album 'A Thousand Scars'. But that's not all: in the theater Eric Clayton will be singing numerous Saviour Machine classics.

We would have loved to have had Eric Clayton and the Nine at Brainstorm Festival 2020. In fact, the band was on all the posters and all the tickets were sold out. But new corona regulations threw a spanner in the works at the last minute. Therefore, the band is making things straight with their show at the Brainstorm Festival 2021 and will gladly showcase their new work after all. The band will play mainstage on Friday, followed by the theater show with Saviour Machine classics on Saturday.

Anyone who has seen Eric Clayton perform with Ayreon or solo over the past few years knows that the singer still has a golden voice. His emotional, powerful performance makes every show something special. And aren't concerts that are remembered for a long time the most beautiful shows? You can bet that this concert will be talked about a lot afterwards!


progressive doom-metal

Never before has a band from the Faroe Islands performed at the Brainstorm Festival. Hamferd has been on our wish list for many years, but the penny dropped in the wrong direction. Until this year! How cool is it that Hamferd is coming to the Brainstorm Festival!?!? We are sure we will make a lot of people happy with this. At the same time, Hamferd will effortlessly win over new fans.

Hamferd was founded in 2008 and managed to grab the spotlight when the band was allowed to perform at the prestigious Wacken Open Air in Germany. It accelerated Hamferd's career. A European tour with Moonsorrow and Tyr followed and the gentlemen from the Faroe Islands grew into a quality band that you should definitely see live at least once. Add to that the fact that the band has only been seen sporadically in the Netherlands, and you will understand that we have something really special in the house.

The gentlemen always perform in three-piece suits, which gives their shows an almost chic look. Vocalist Jón Aldará effortlessly alternates his heavy grunts with plaintive vocal lines that pierce the very bone. Hamferd is in all respects not a standard doom metal band, but much more a pioneer that, partly because of that, fits perfectly in the line-up of the Brainstorm Festival. This is going to be unforgettable!


symphonic power metal

Who doesn't remember ReinXeed, the Swedish power-metal band around singer/guitarist Tommy Johansson? He put an end to ReinXeed after he joined Sabaton as their new guitarist. For that elite formation he's still active, but luckily Tommy found enough time to revive ReinXeed as Majestica. They immediately signed a record deal with Nuclear Blast. The recipe: delicious power metal up the alley of Helloween and Rhapsody of Fire.

The debut album 'Above The Sky' is a continuation of where ReinXeed finished, and the CD was well received worldwide. Of course it's a nice boost that Tommy is also a guitarist with Sabaton, but Majestica manages to convince on their own with their debut album as well. Last year they released a very surprising Christmas album, which was described by Aardschok as the best metal-Christmas CD ever. Rightly so, because 'A Christmas Carol' sounds amazing.

Whether it's songs by Majestica, ReinXeed or, as far as we're concerned, Christmas songs, this promises to be a surprising show. Beautiful vocal lines, great guitar solos and the motto ''fast, faster, fastest'' apply here. Let's bring on those Swedes! As far as we're concerned all signals are on green for Majestica to make it a nice party during the Brainstorm Festival.


symphonic metal

A solid sound and catchy melodies come together in the sound of Temperance. But that's not what makes these Italians so unique. The band has one vocalist and two singers with whom they turn every show into a true vocal celebration. Of course we want to experience that spectacle at the Brainstorm Festival.

Anyone who followed Temperance's career in recent years saw an upward trend in their popularity. Video clips have been watched millions of times, tours through Europe followed as support for Luca Turilli's Rhapsody and Serenity, the band did shows in Japan and was eventually picked up by Napalm Records. There the masterpiece 'Viridian' was released, followed by the acoustic EP 'Melodies Of Green And Blue'.

Those two new albums are two extra reasons to welcome Temperance to the Brainstorm Festival. We cherish good memories of all the Italian bands that were on stage with us, and we're sure Temperance will win a lot of hearts here as well. This will be something special!


folk/black metal

Every year one band has the honor to be the loudest band of the festival. This time that honor belongs to the gentlemen of Morgarten. The Swiss band mixes folk metal with fierce black metal, while using catchy melodies. At the Brainstorm Festival this sympathetic band will present a new album to their Dutch fans!

Morgarten is no stranger to The Netherlands anymore. The band had been with us at the Brainstorm Festival many years ago, and after that they managed to put themselves in the spotlight on a regular basis. Occultfest, Devil's Rock For An Angel and tours as support for Wind Rose, Welicoruss and Nightland brought the band over and over again to our country. In their own country the band also opened for Finntroll.

The new album 'Cry Of The Lost' will be released in June by Inner Wound Recordings (Wind Rose, Pyramaze, Dark Sarah, etc.). With their new album, Morgarten takes a big step forward. The band shows that Switzerland has a lot more beauty to offer than just Eluveitie. So dust off your sword and shield and go to battle at the Brainstorm Festival for Morgarten!


dark progressive rock/metal

Within the Dutch metal scene Scarlet Stories is becoming a well-known name. The band from Tilburg attracts attention with their mix of dark-rock and progressive metal, complemented by the vocals of Lisette van den Berg. It results in an attractive whole, which in 2019 resulted in the debut album 'Necrologies' (produced by Joost van den Broek).

After the release of that album, things went fast. Coverage in NRC, iO Pages, Music Maker and Aardschok earned the band new fans and support shows for Antimatter, Danny Cavanagh (Anathema) and Klone followed. Scarlet Stories also played at ProgPower Europe and Castlefest. Of course the Brainstorm Festival cannot be missed in that list!


melodic/groovy death-metal

From playing in small venues to winning the Metal Battle and a show at the legendary Wacken Open Air: TerraDown has done it all. The five men add a groovy sound to their melodic death-metal, and so far they haven't been lacking in success.

The band is growing fast, so it's only logical that TerraDown is coming to visit Brainstorm Festival. TerraDown opens the second day of the festival with their energetic live show. Those who thought they could start off calmly are deceived. With TerraDown the party is surely going to get crazy.