symphonic gothic-metal

The Brainstorm Festival once again has a great headliner in store, with the Norwegian gothic-metal band Sirenia. Over the years the Norwegians have built up a loyal following in the Netherlands, and at the Brainstorm Festival they will undoubtedly win even more hearts. It's no coincidence that Sirenia is a star in their genre.

The new album 'Arcane Astral Aeons', that was presented to their fans with an extensive tour in Europe earlier this year, is proof of this. At the Brainstorm Festival, the band will be doing the same thing again. But it won't be a repetition of moves, because as headliner of the festival, we can expect an extra spectacular show from Sirenia.

Sirenia was founded in 2001, after bandleader Morten Veland left Tristania. After some great albums the band signed with Nuclear Blast in 2006, after which Sirenia's reputation took off. In 2015 Sirenia switched to Napalm Records, where also 'Arcane Astral Aeons' was released. All this time the band has been of importance and we are very proud to have Sirenia as headliner!


progressive folk-rock

Long, long ago, Eluveitie would headline the first edition of the Brainstorm Festival. Due to illness the band had to cancel at the time and in the years that followed it simply didn't come to a fit anymore. When three members of Eluveitie left the Swiss folk-metal band in 2016 to continue as Cellar Darling we decided to put our sights on it. With success!

With Cellar Darling we have a awesome band in house, who already have two albums to their name. Earlier this year new album 'The Spell' was received with great acclaim and nothing seems to prevent Cellar Darling from becoming an absolute top band. Both in their music and in the show, all the relevant criteria are present.

Strong point is of course the enchanting vocals of Anna Murphy, who everyone knows from the many hits of Eluveitie. Cellar Darling is all about her, without falling short on guitarist Ivo Henzi and drummer Merlin Sutter (both ex-Eluveitie). Be warned: with this progressive folk-rock band the roof really blows off!


melodic metalcore

For loyal visitors of the Brainstorm Festival, War Of Ages will not be an unknown name. The band has been on stage with us twice before. With success! Because the Americans are touring Europe again this autumn, that was a great moment to join in. So War Of Ages returns to the Brainstorm Festival for the third time!

Don't worry, it won't get boring. The band knows how to intertwine melodic metal and metalcore in an excellent way and turns every show into a party. War Of Ages can draw on their long career. Their first album was released in 2005, after which the band signed a deal with Facedown Records. Under that label, the band continued to build on their success.

The band is currently working on a successor to 'Alpha', which was released in 2017. That will be an extra reason for the fans to pick up this show at the Brainstorm Festival. And if you've missed the band two times before, grab this opportunity. You won't regret it!


melodic death-metal

The gentlemen of In Mourning make the hearts at the Brainstorm Festival beat faster. Their performance with us in 2012 made a big impression. The Swedish band hasn't been idle since then and have been growing since. This year a new album will be released, and with a bit of luck the CD will be available for the first time at the Brainstorm Festival!

Expect a fresh show with old hits and new songs. Head banging on the exciting parts of the show and it's enjoying when melancholy has the upper hand. In Mourning is back and we will know!


symphonic power-metal

Hypersonic is not completely unknown in the Netherlands. This sympathetic Italian band could be admired earlier in our country. At the Brainstorm Festival we will introduce the band to a wider, partly new audience. On top of that the band comes over with a new singer. So this show promises to be a renewed acquaintance with Hypersonic.

With their album 'Existentia' Hypersonic was noticed abroad in 2016 and the band got the chance to play several international shows. Through the Brainstorm Festival the Italians hope to play themselves further in the spotlight. Moreover, new material is on the way. The story is not finished yet!