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Brainstorm Festival takes place in Podium Gigant in Apeldoorn. The easiest place to park your car is at parkinggarage Q-park Museum-Centrum at the Roggestraat 133, close to the festival. Free parking can be found outside of the citycentre.


The central station in Apeldoorn has direct connections with some of the most important railwaystations in The Netherlands. You can easily come by train to Apeldoorn from cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Enschede, Zwolle and Arnhem.

Important for our international guests: the central station has a direct connection with Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). Every hour a train leaves into direction Hilversum / Apeldoorn. This way it only takes 1 hour and 18 minutes to get to Apeldoorn. For exact times and routes check with NS (National Railways): Website:

Apeldoorn is also connected to international railwaystations. 
For information check:

Walk from central station:

From the central station in Apeldoorn it's only a ten minute walk to club Gigant. When you leave the trainstation walk into the Stationsstraat. Follow this road until you enter the shoppingstreet Hoofdstraat. Walk into this road and take a left at the 4th road, the Van Kinsbergenstraat. At the end of this street go right, into the Nieuwstraat. After 50 meters club Gigant is on your leftside.


FlixBus offers (night)busses from all over Europe to the central stations of several important cities in The Netherlands. From here it's easy to take the train to Apeldoorn. Check your local website of FlixBus for the best route:


You can fly by airplane to several cities in Holland. Biggest airport is Schiphol (Amsterdam). But also international flights are available to Rotterdam Airport and Eindhoven Airport. For trainconnections from these airports to Apeldoorn check: Notice: only Schiphol - Amsterdam has a railwaystation. From the other airports you'll need to take the buss to the nearest railwaystation first.

Interesting option will also be Airport Weeze (near Düsseldorf) in Germany. They have many cheap connections with bigger cities in Europe. And they have a buss-connection to to Nijmegen (NL) and Utrecht (NL), from where you can take the train to Apeldoorn.

Here a list with the airports, the most important cities they have connections with and their websites for further information:

Schiphol Amsterdam:
Connections to all countries in the world, including Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Czech, Hungary, Italy, Brasil and the USA.
The train to Apeldoorn takes 1 hour and 18 minutes, departure every 30 minutes during daytime.

Eindhoven Airport:
Hamburg (D), London (UK), Stockholm (S), Paris (F), Milan (I), Budapest (HU) and more...
The train to Apeldoorn takes around 2 hours. Notice that you'll need to take the buss to Eindhoven central station first.

Rotterdam Airport:
Hamburg (D), Genève (CH), London (UK), Manchester (UK), Paris (F) and more...
The train to Apeldoorn takes over 1,5 hour. Notice that you'll need to take the buss to Rotterdam central station first.