Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine) extra headliner

The line-up of the Brainstorm Festival 2018 is complete. Earlier this week, Tourniquet (USA) had already been presented as headliner, today Eric Clayton And The Nine (USA/NL) is added as second headliner. In addition, Diviner (GR), Federico Truzzi (ITA), 2Strings (ITA) en J’Accuse (NL) join the party.

Eric Clayton And The Nine is the new band around the front man of Saviour Machine. Expected covers from Saviour Machine, but also songs from David Bowie. And who knows, the band might present some more own material. Anyway, it is going to be a special show that the real Saviour Machine fans should not miss.

Less known but at least as convincing are the gentlemen of Diviner. The Greek heavy metal band relies heavily on thrashy guitar riffs and combines that with a passionate live show. The band had already been in the Netherlands before and managed to win many souls there. On the Brainstorm Festival, the audience is sure to get a taste of their new album.

Federico Truzzi is a child at home at the Brainstorm Festival. In the past few years he has been regularly present with his band Sleeping Romance and became a favourite with the public. This year Truzzi released released a solo album, which he presents in our theatre. For a moment no guitar skills but piano, accompanied by cello and violin.

2Strings is the accompaniment band of Federico Truzzi but also give an independent performance in the theatre hall of the Brainstorm Festival. Famous songs are given a classic look. At right angles to the serene tranquillity in the auditorium is the tough performance that J'Accuse is going to give. The Dutch hardcore band opens the second day of the Brainstorm Festival.