Ronald Simons (Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam) exhibits his special collection of filmposters.

Metalbands often use dark artwork for their albums and merchandise where the average horror fan would be jumping from joy. In recent years we have exhibited some very nice examples of this at Brainstorm Festival. Especially those explicit, hand-drawn album covers were always very popular.

This year we went looking for artwork from horror and science fiction films from the seventies and eighties, when whole spectacle pieces were put on paper to lure the curious viewer into the cinema. For some film posters you can safely say that the quality is better than the film itself.

Ronald Simons, film programmer at Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam, spends all his life collecting special film posters and he comes to Brainstorm with a number of highlights from his collection. You will find him on Saturday in the foyer, where you can admire his proud possessions and talk to him about your favorite movies. Don't miss it!

Just like last years, the exposition will be held in the foyer of the festival.

Previous years we have also had expositions from:

2017 - Felipe Machado Franco (artworker ao Theocracy, Xandria, Sleeping Romance)
2016 - Ton Dekkers (photographer concerts)
2015 - Thijs Jansen (painter and artworker)
2014 - Peter van Rijsbergen (photographer concerts)
2013 - Jeffrey Heijnen (Spyker, author of the book 'Hardcore')
2012 - Niels de Zwarte (live-photo's of previous editions of Brainstorm Festival)
2011 - Premnath Gonesh (own work of the member of Slechtvalk)
2010 - Felipe Machado Franco (artworker ao Rhapsody Of Fire, Blind Guardian, Pagan's Mind)
2009 - Kristian 'Necrolord' Wåhlin (artworker ao Ensiferum, Dissection, Bathory, Extol)
2008 - Eliran Kantor (artworker ao Testament, Thy Majestie, The Old Dead Tree)